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Limelight 2016-21

Limelight timecode: 0 000000
Limelight timecode: 1 023840
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Postcards from the Anthropocene, Publication Spring 2021

Granular: The Material Properties of Noise, Greenwich University 2018

Postcards from the Anthropocene, Edinburgh University 2017

Polyspace. Newbridge Projects, Newcastle 2016

Limelight,Cardiff Contemporary Commission 2016

Peak Research Residency Crickhowell, Wales 2016


Limelight Illumination timecode: 0 000000 Llangattock, Wales



Limelight is produced by heating quicklime to 1200ºc at which point it emits an intense white light a phenomena that has historically been used in theatrical lighting and land surveying. Through investigating the matrialities of lime multiple events have been formed highlighting lime’s materiality, its origins in prehistory, and its entanglement with human histories and interrleationships with landscapes as it has been extracted, refined, distributed and transformed.


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Record of Performed paper Limelight at Postcards from the Anthropocene


Limelight: A paper delivered with and through material lime.

The paper is an event space, created through a video of a limelight illumination that is played back through an aggregate machine of quicklime, computer, sensors, wires and projector. The paper begins when water is added to quicklime, reconfiguring its molecules and triggering an exothermic reaction. A sensor in a bowl monitors the rising temperature and controls the speed of the video’s playback, accelerating and deaccelerating with the material’s behaviour. The duration of the video and so the paper is formed moment-to-moment with the changing temperature of the quicklime.

The paper is of uncertain duration, and ends when the video playback – through the quicklime - is complete and the limelight expires.